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Have you noticed that the more successful you become, the less time you have to plan for and manage risk associated with the future and the more help you need managing your wealth?
Business Growth
You need strong, robust financial strategies for your small to mid-size business. For everything from mergers and acquisitions to succession planning, we are here to help.
Unexpected Life Changes
There is no reason to navigate these difficult times on your own. We will be there for you during this painful transition to provide a clear pathway forward.

Plan for your success
Wealth management refers to the rational arrangement of funds by investors and the management and distribution of assets by means of savings, bank financial products, bonds, funds, stocks, futures, commodity spot and other tools to maintain and increase asset value and accelerate asset growth. Financial management covers risk management. Because the future is uncertain, including personal risk, property risk and market risk.

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Cash Management

Cash management programs can provide convenient, flexible options to simplify your accounts while helping manage and protect your cash.

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Leverage an array of sophisticated business, corporate and executive services to help achieve your professional and personal financial goals.

Investments and research

Enjoy access to market research and analysis prepared by our teams of experienced economists, analysts and strategists.

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Securities investment has certain risks. According to the relevant provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the persons participating in the trust plan should be qualified investors with strong risk identification, assessment and tolerance. Please confirm that you or the institution you represent is a "qualified investor" and will comply with applicable laws and regulations.


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Who We Are
MSU Brief Introduction

MSU is an O2O service provider for domestic commodity industry brokers. It has a risk control team, an excellent technical team, an operation team and a professional customer service team. Through the integration of industry resources and accurate analysis of big data, we select high-quality exchanges as stable partners, and with years of experience in the industry, combined with innovative financial internet thinking, we provide one-stop marketing services for brokers, so that brokers can only focus on business development, and greatly improve the efficiency and income of brokers.
Li Wei
A challenging and rewarding position as a Chief Executive Officer.

Notable Achievements
Increased cash flow with creative credit and inventory management systems that achieved turnovers 200% higher than industry norms.
Negotiated and managed joint venture relationships with Fortune 500 international partners.

2019- Present Chief Executive Officer MSU.

address:77 High Street, #09-13 High Street Plaza, Singapore 179433
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Investment is risky, and entry into the market needs to be cautious
The trading products are high-risk and high-yield investment products;
Investors should have high risk identification ability, capital strength and risk tolerance. Investors should reasonably allocate assets, not use all funds for investment, and should not borrow money for investment.